Derek Ridgers Editions presents a selection of Derek Ridgers iconic prints available in Limited Editions. Our aim is to celebrate the iconic archive of Ridgers’ work and preserve the heritage of his contribution to photography, music and fashion culture which retains a legacy worldwide.

Our Editions are presented in the key sizes as below. Each print is numbered, signed, and supplied with artists authenticity certificate and stamp.

Silver Bromide Editions
16 x 20 Editions of 10
20 x 24 Editions of 15
24 x 36 Editions of 10

C-Types Editions
16 x 20 Editions of 10/25
20 x 24 Editions of 15/20
24 x 36 Editions of 10  

Our C-Type Editions start at £540. Silver Bromide Editions start at £750. All prints vary as per individual prints and availability. If your price is not listed on the archive please get in touch for updated prices.

Vintage Prints
Ridgers personal archive of vintage prints includes a vast collection of hand-printed of vintage prints made by Derek since 1978. This collection is currently being itemised and will be available for review from Spring 2020.

We welcome all enquiries to Please see FAQs for further details including payment and shipping.